Snacks, or: Spiders

An Italian sonnet

With eight legs, I compose my lines faster
Than you primates can manage with your hands!
Known as goliath bird-eater to fans,
You may call me Mighty Spider Master.

Mice and lizards know me as disaster
When down in burrow lined with my silk strands.
Fool humans fear my large poisonous fangs...
I scared one once, sweetly picking asters!

My urticating hairs are great defense
When predators come sniffing from above.
Human beings with merest common sense
Know it is best to handle me with gloves.
To me, they represent a threat immense,
For I'm a snack South Americans love.

d’Verse: Creepies and Crawlies…

Today’s d’Verse prompt was to write a sonnet (or some other form of poetry) from the perspective of an insect or arachnid.

I selected the Theraphosa blondi, which is the largest spider in the world.

This South American tarantula holds the record for world’s largest spider. Other spiders might have longer legs, but T. blondi‘s large body means its overall weight can reach 6 ounces (170 grams).

Carrie Arnold, National Geographic

87 thoughts on “Snacks, or: Spiders”

  1. We have Bird Eating Spiders here,O I’m glad I do not fly into the Orb Weaving spider’s web into the fisher man’s bag,onto the dinner table and into the Spider’s mouth.

  2. Okay, now you have gone too far! I nearly arrowed back when the picture appeared. 8-leggers elicit my inner Capone “I want him dead, I want his family dead, I want his house burned to the ground!”

  3. I watch a woman eat a plate of baby octopi, spitting out the beaks, and it looked like she was eating spiders. People eat chocolate covered fried insects, why not spiders–better than rats.

    1. you know, I read an article years ago during the market crash in the late 2000’s about a man who was hunting raccoons, skinning them, cooking them, and selling them to people who couldn’t afford to buy food elsewhere…

  4. Does make us look a bit silly. 🙂 Opposable thumbs, big brains, gloves, we eat them… and yet we’re still scared. I must admit, I try not to display fear of spiders but those big chunky ones eradicate my common sense. I have no idea why. But I still think they’re amazing.

  5. OK, David, your poem got my squeam factor off the charts. First the image with a spider as big as a dollar bill. Then its fangs, what it eats, and how it hides. Worst is the idea of someone eating the beastie. I’d rather eat dirt!

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