Baked, or: Wry humor

Free verse, free verse, getcher free verse!
Tomorrow it'll cost ye! Straight 
outta the oven! Yes, Ma'am! 'ere ye go, Ma'am! 
Oh, yes, Sir! We've been in the guild fer fi... 
no... make it six generations in consonance 
with our family's standards...
Th-the vow, Sir? O-of course, Sir, b-by 'eart, Sir!
I do solemnly vow, ill or 'ealthy, to uphold
the standards of the Bakers' Guild, to 
purchase only the best... the b... S-
Sorry? What's that, Sir?
The boy? Oh, 'e's 
my ward, Sir; 'e was sent 'enced
by the royal baker, Sir... jus' 
fer stealin' a fresh verse, Sir, but 'e's 
a good boy, a-a quiet 
boy... now, n- never ye mind
that, Sir! A fine boy, 
I tell ye! J-just made a m-mistake,
is all! And I still remember the first thing 'e
said to me, v-ver-verbatim, Sir! I'd jus' 
taken some fresh verses outta th... wh-what, Sir? 
Oh, rye - I'm 
sure of it, Sir...
a-anyway, this waif, I see 'im eyeing the rye - 
I'm thinking 'e's gonna grab 
one and run, but instead 
'e says t'me, wouldn' ye give me a warm verse, Mister,
if I writes ye a poem, Mister? I writes good, Mister!
And then 'e jus' collapses right there, an' 
he's lyin' flat on the ground, an' I near... I... 
near... It was horrid, Sir! Din't know what to do!
But then, real slowly like, the boy pulls 'imself up, 
an' 'e stands a-an', oh,
oh heck, 'e didn't owe me anything - 
it was just a free verse like this one

A note

I wrote this almost one year ago as an experiment with Free Verse…

Nothing new, but I’m still struggling to figure out what poetry is… even though I do write a lot of it, supposedly…


‘Open Link Night’ #300

For OLN 300, I’d like to share the above free verse experiment of mine… I still find myself coming back to this every so often with the very same questions…

45 thoughts on “Baked, or: Wry humor”

  1. O my, a wry rye slice to buy. Like abstract visual art, poetry just is what is on the day. How do you supposedly write, I’ve never tried that 🙂

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