My daughter’s English

I’m totally boasting

My daughter now reads pages of Pippi Longstocking in English (which my amazing mother brought her from the USA) that I have not yet read to her. And when I read to her from this book, she likes to take over and read parts of it herself – parts that she is entirely unfamiliar with. In fact, she enjoys reading in English so much (she also loves the Magic School Bus books her grandmother gifted her, among others) that she does it entirely unbidden and for fun!

Allow me, [perhaps overly] proudly, to lay out what this represents.

She is 6½-years-old and has just started 1st grade in Israel, where she receives her education in Hebrew, as has been the case since we first sent her to daycare years ago. Also, she has never been to an English-speaking country.

According to the ‘Perfection Learning’ website, the Pippi Longstocking books are suitable reading for children in grades 3-7, corresponding to ages 8-12… and that’s assuming that children are reading in their native languages.

Also, this isn’t to mention that she speaks and reads Russian and Hebrew (albeit at lower, more age appropriate levels).

Of course, if you were to ask her, she’d tell you that she speaks a lot of languages because she’s learned to count to ten in Japanese, French, Spanish, and Arabic too 😉 (see? she’s more boastful than I am!)

Minor milestones

You know, it’s funny, but I’m also really proud of her for things that seem silly to write about.

For example, just last week, she finally figured out how to snap her fingers on her own; and now she walks around the apartment snapping all day long. Also, she’s becoming braver on her scooter (she’s not the most coordinated child); I’ve been encouraging her to pick up speed as she’s scooting so that she can lift her second foot off the ground, and she finally did so just yesterday… “Look at me, Abba’chka! Look at what I’m doing!”


As much as I sometimes yearn for peace and quiet (enough to write poetry about it), observing my daughter as she’s growing up and watching our parenting efforts and energies bearing fruit as our child develops – continues to be the proudest experience of my lifetime. I have never experienced such fulfillment and pride before. Literally nothing can compare.

Of course, I know that this is nothing unique; and those of you who are parents can certainly relate… But it brings me such pleasure to share updates like these on my blog – and, among other things, the Skeptic’s Kaddish is something of a record of my life… So, I’m posting this here so that I’ll be able to look back at it in the future and enjoy these special memories.

69 thoughts on “My daughter’s English”

  1. This must be the most wholesomebpost that i have read in a long time! So happy to read about your daughter’s progress and milestones 🎊 it sounds like there’s a wonderful adventure ahead of you and your family, having such a courageous and curious child. Wishing you all the best!

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