New Year’s, or: Reality

A kyrielle

Every year, there's a New Year; and
People make commitments to change
That oft blow away like soft sands...
Then we do it again - ain't it strange?

Every year, there's a New Year; and
We celebrate like it matters,
Imbuing it with meanings grand;
But weak illusions shall shatter.

Every year, there's a New Year; and
I feel quite bemused at the fuss,
For little shall go as we've planned...
Life's unknowns? Those are beauteous.

A Kyrielle is a French form of rhyming poetry written in quatrains (a stanza consisting of 4 lines), and each quatrain contains a repeating line or phrase as a refrain (usually appearing as the last line of each stanza). Each line within the poem consists of only eight syllables. There is no limit to the amount of stanzas a Kyrielle may have, but three is considered the accepted minimum.

Some popular rhyming schemes for a Kyrielle are: aabB, ccbB, ddbB, with B being the repeated line, or abaB, cbcB, dbdB.

Mixing up the rhyme scheme is possible for an unusual pattern of: axaZ, bxbZ, cxcZ, dxdZ, etc. with Z being the repeated line.

The rhyme pattern is completely up to the poet.

20 thoughts on “New Year’s, or: Reality”

  1. I have forgotton most of my new Year Resolutions. But i can bet i did the countdown looked at the sky and made them😁.
    Here we are though facing situations and deciding then and there.
    Cheers to another New Year!!

  2. Ahhh resolutions….. I took a resolution on New Year to study more and dedicate less time to extra curricular activities like sport and poetry, and look where I am now 🤣. You’re right, New Year resolutions are almost never followed with full sincerity, and its just another year of unknown to look out for 😀

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