Cream, or: Sugar

A Limerick

There's a singular magical cherry,
Without which ~ mornings could get hairy.
Many who fancy caffeine
Believe its seed is a bean,
Which... when dried, milled & roasted makes merry!

d’Verse poetics

‘Always in Season’

At d’Verse, poets were prompted to let fruit find its way into our poems; and as far as I’m concerned, there’s but one fruit that matters…

62 thoughts on “Cream, or: Sugar”

  1. Ben,
    I love limericks and this is a clever one. Tricky, to say the least. What’s in a cherry? A bean. โค๏ธ

      1. Only in the morning of course…(we used to get laughed at in Italy if we asked for a cappuccino after midday!)

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