Forth, or: Grounded

My 1st Alouette

Writing on and on,
Calling for black swan,
Which shall soar forth from down(ed) soul,
Bearing long-lost words.
That rarest of birds...
Without which, I can't be whole.
I'm... sure it is true...
Should I continue,
Free, winged truth shall arise.
Oh, desperately,
I will this to be,
Ere rising into the skies.

The Alouette

This form was created by Jan Turner. Following are the rules:

  • Consists of two or more stanzas of 6 lines each (12 lines or more);
  • With the following set rules:
    • Syllabic: 5/5/7/5/5/7
    • Rhyme Scheme:  aabccb

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