Halal, or: Kosher

An American sentence

The halal hamburger tasted kosher, but the café had no beer.

What’s an ‘American Sentence’?

Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didn’t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining the requirement of 17 syllables total. He felt that removing the line count freed the American Sentence up for the idiosyncrasies of English phonemes.

The requirements:

  1. Composed in one line;
  2. Syllabic, 17 syllables;
  3. Condensed, written with no unnecessary words or articles;
  4. Complete sentence or sentences;
  5. Includes a turn or enlightenment.

22 thoughts on “Halal, or: Kosher”

  1. Very interesting I did not know this, no idea. The burger looks yummy. Thanks for the info David. Now I know I need a snack. Have an amazing week. Hugs 🤗 to you and the family. Joni

  2. I was in college in the early nineties in DC. A Black Muslim student shared with me that they shopped at Kosher markets because they didn’t have Halal markets nearby. She said that the standards were very similar
    The Halal burger looks appetizing. You are making me hungry, David! 🙂

    1. That’s the way it works… the laws of kashrut are stricter than the laws of halal… so religious Muslims can eat kosher food, but religious Jews cannot eat halal food…

    1. Well, it makes sense, right? Muslims don’t drink alcohol.

      Kosher versus Halal meat has to do with the process of slaughtering the animal and preparing the meat… but, ultimately, meat tastes like meat.


      1. Don’t drink alcohol is what I came to understand.
        But my knowledge ends there. Sorry.

        Meaning is important. Traditions are very important.
        Thanks for sharing. Be well.

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