Who, or: Where

An Alouette

Weighing sensation's
Sheer desperation
At lack of other poets,
For expressive minds
To serve as remind-
ers candor not to omit.
Deep pangs of mute heart
Play merely one part
In yearning for words that speak
Worlds, while dolent soul
Feels itself quite whol-
Ly: adrift, self, hollow, bleak.

The Alouette

This form was created by Jan Turner. Following are the rules:

  • Consists of two or more stanzas of 6 lines each (12 lines or more);
  • With the following set rules:
    • Syllabic: 5/5/7/5/5/7
    • Rhyme Scheme:  aabccb

25 thoughts on “Who, or: Where”

  1. Oh!!! I sooooo relate to the last six lines. (I was tapping away on similar theme today – but I think you’ve done in six lines what I mangled in about 20 or more)… Beautifully written.
    In the interest of candour: not sure of the meaning of the first five lines (rare when I read your poetry, so thought I’d mention it :))

    1. The beginning of the poem is an expression of existential loneliness I experience in the real world (as opposed to the virtual world) where I have no likeminded friends to exchange poems with… and how having such companions would give me greater strength to [continue to] express my truth via poetry…

      Does that make the words more clear?

      1. Ahhhh… YES! That makes total sense. (I forget sometimes there is a possible writer life outside the real world –er, whoops I meant writer life outside the virtual world haha… (literally that was an accidental switch! yikes!) and I totally get this. Yes, a trusted (and like-minded, progress-aimed) offline circle is quite a different setting than the world wide web…

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