Yours, mine, or: Divine?

An Alouette

Can you feel the love
Tonight, high above
These starlit skies? It is mine
And yours, ours both, for
It's our shared growth, or
Perhaps it's fierce force (divine?)...
Who knows? Not I. Do
You? I once wooed you;
Now, together, one and two,
Thus entwined, we pull
At each other, full
Of this: sparkling, binding, true.

The Alouette

This form was created by Jan Turner. Following are the rules:

  • Consists of two or more stanzas of 6 lines each (12 lines or more);
  • With the following set rules:
    • Syllabic: 5/5/7/5/5/7
    • Rhyme Scheme:  aabccb

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