Whoomp, or: There it is

My 2nd rispetto

I chanced upon creative group
of poets in a Jewish booth;
Thrilled, I could not contain a whoop -
Perhaps therein I'd hear some truth!

I'd friendships deep with bards afar...
But this? The twangs of live guitar?
Among like-hearts in Jerusalem
My inmost voice professed: I am!


I am offline for ~25 hours – from sunset on Monday to sunset on Tuesday – for another Jewish holiday (’tis the season…). I look forward to reconnecting with you soon!

24 thoughts on “Whoomp, or: There it is”

      1. Thank you for sharing, David. An inspiring, colorful, and beautiful space to read and listen to poetry. Lucky you! You being the only man (on time) does not surprise me. If we ever have a man join us in a writing workshop, he is usually the only one. All voices and perspectives contribute to the group dynamic. โœจ Thanks for sharing what appears to be a wonderful experience, and one that I hope you get to do again. ๐Ÿ’—

  1. whoop the bub – father said: don’t do as i do
    do as I say – be a humanist
    no he said, I’d rather be like you:
    I’ll be a scientist too;
    so life twirled him around
    and he learned to say
    what he said to be
    a poet of

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