Floating, or: Flying

A Haibun

I have writer’s block, in the sense that all I want to do most days is write; sometimes, it gets in the way of (/blocks me from) being fully present in my life. The composition of poetry is a defining aspect of my every day; it has become impossible for me to conceive of stopping.

There are many things that I tend not to write about, but those have nothing to do with writer’s block as it’s commonly understood. Rather, it’s simply that I don’t like to voice opinions on issues that I don’t know enough about. If I’ve nothing to contribute to particular conversations, I’d rather remain silent… And, today, on the Internet, there are countless other opinions available on every subject imaginable.

So, I stick to what I know… but I’m certainly not lacking for neuroses to explore! 😉

tap-tapping fingers
on chilly breezes floating
down... no... up away

d’Verse Haibun Monday

‘Writer’s Block’

Yesterday at d’Verse, we were prompted to compose Haibuns that relate to ‘writer’s block’:

Feeling a little blocked? Vent about it! Have a story to tell about a recent writer’s block? Go for it? Never had writer’s block? Tell us your secret! However you approach it, write your haibun that alludes to this perennial frustration of writers.

New to haibun? The form consists of one to a few paragraphs of prose—usually written in the present tense—that evoke an experience and are often non-fictional/autobiographical. They may be preceded or followed by one or more haiku—nature-based, using a seasonal image—that complement without directly repeating what the prose stated.

Addendum: A bonus poem

This prompt got me thinking about writer’s block, and I ended up penning another poem (not a haibun at all, but rather a humorous rispetto) on the subject. Click here and enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Floating, or: Flying”

  1. Sounds like you have similar problems to me, David. I didn’t get the chance to work on my novel yesterday and I was having something like withdrawal symptoms. So I got up at 5am to work today and I feel a lot better!

  2. I like your authentic self David – staying with what you know – or what is in your experience, I believe that the best poetry comes from that place.

  3. A lot of sincerity in your words, yes…agree…and the uplift in your haiku almost works! Great stuff!

  4. “I have writer’s block, in the sense that all I want to do most days is write; sometimes, it gets in the way of” <<< I was smiling up until this point, thinking that I envy your productivity, and intending to tell you about it. But then I read the rest and I understood what you meant, and stopped smiling. Your writing blesses so many people, though. Cheers.

  5. Yes I agree, it is just as vital to remain silent as it is to speak. I have heard it said when you dream in a second language, it is then you are fluent. I think it may be the same as a poet. I dream words many times. I think that is the proof of a poet.

    1. I dream words many times. I think that is the proof of a poet.

      That’s lovely, Mary 🙂

      I often go to bed counting syllables and tapping my fingers – does that count?


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