No more tears, or: (Enough is enough)

Freezing at night, thawing during
the day, enough to, well
, I don't know, don't know, don't know
, but the pressure changes were something
awful, causing the tears to flow
up through my trunk
, into my limbs
and throat so
, well,,,
I bought a stainless steel spile and brand new
drill bits
, drilled a two-inch, two, inch, two, inch
deep hole into my wooden sternum
, and tapped the spile in gently, gently
, gently, gently
so that the tears would finally come
out and relieve
, but
, eventually,,,
the season changed
, and no more tears would drip out
into the bucket
, no more salt for salads and omelets
, no more, well,,,
, I don't know, don't know
, know, don't,,, 
, when I pulled the spile 
gently out
, the hole
was dry,,, I feel warmer now, but there's still room 
enough to stick a finger in

d’Verse prompt

When’s your birthday????

At d’Verse, we were prompted to go to and plug in our birthdays. There’s a spot in the upper right-hand corner of the site to enter birthdates.

We were to pick at least one of the song titles that hit the charts at #1 on our respective birthdays and use it in its exact wording within our poems. We were free to choose more than one title and see where the muse took us! We were also instructed to give credit to the song titles and the artist at the end of our posts.

On the exact date of my birth, the #1 song in the USA was: ‘No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)’ by Barbara Streisand & Donna Summer

44 thoughts on “No more tears, or: (Enough is enough)”

  1. Great song David, I got the sense from your poem, we were tapping for maple maple syrup, but I may have missed the point completely. But really I loved the writing style here β€” captivating my friend! Yes, yes!

  2. Wow. Layer upon layer… I enjoyed this one and every time I read it I found more to like. The punctuation was a poem in itself! Usually unusual punctuation makes my OCD itch but this time it was a nice accompaniment. Loved this one!!

  3. I’ve read this three times and each time I come away with a different impression/feeling. I like the idea of the repetition happening in each stanza except the last. It’s very much like a song cycle…with a coda at the end.
    I can read it literally…as if the writer is a tree and the spile is put in of course to release the sap. I can also read it as a metaphor….living through a difficult relationship where the “pressure changes” were awful, causing frustration/tears to well up from the trunk, the heart, filling the entire being. That need for a spile…a release somehow to let out the tears….tears could be of sadness, anger, frustration, changing with the seasons of pressure. Emotions were finally laid bare, released and in the end of the relationship, the spile is removed. All the tears have been shed. There is a sense of relief, that warmth within. But, there is still a hole in the trunk / the heart and the idea that it’s big enough for a finger to be stuck in…perhaps that’s a bit of a self-warning, not to dabble, touch, or bring up that painful past. Don’t go there. Move on.
    Hah — probably not at all what you had in mind but I do think that’s the mark of a good piece of writing when the reader can connect with it, make sense of it, hang their own hat on it, so to speak.
    I enjoyed this one very much! Thanks for posting to the prompt~!

    1. Lillian – this was a super fun exercise – thank you! (BTW, I also had technical difficulties with that website, but eventually, randomly, it worked for me, thank goodness!)

      I so appreciate that you took the time to read this piece… I love your reading of it as reflective of a relationship that ends… that is not what I had in mind, but I strongly believe in the idea that art is in the interaction between the audience and the artist! So, I love your reading of it – that makes it even deeper for me!

      As for the hole, yes, it’s a self-warning and a sign that the pain isn’t fully healed/gone…


      1. btw – I have expanded on the wicked post – for some reason I was unable to change the title, so I thought I mention it as you might otherwise not re-read it. It is quite funny now, I think. πŸ˜€

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