Bad habit, or: Assimilation

A Limerick

Twerk hard though she tried, none would grab it.
Frustrated, she'd often mutter, "Dagnabbit!"
Deemed poorly suited for the Church,
Whenever she danced, she would lurch -
Cuz she simply couldn't get out of that habit.


For some reason, I’ve noticed that limericks receive some particularly touchy comments from poets here on WordPress. Some have told me that they don’t really like limericks, and some others have mentioned that they themselves would never write one.

To be honest, I don’t really understand either of these sentiments, but, regardless, I’ve enjoyed the sound of limericks ever since Roald Dahl introduced them to me in my childhood through his children’s book Matilda (I had most of Roald Dahl’s books on my shelf)… And, sometimes, limericks come to me unbidden and make me chuckle.

So… I dunno… Perhaps they’re cliché and perhaps they’re considered gauche… but I cannot help myself – I really enjoy a good limerick!

45 thoughts on “Bad habit, or: Assimilation”

  1. Habits do run deep…
    Well, there’s a lot of resistance to any rhyming poetry, and also to humor. Somehow laughing can not be considered “art”. (K)

  2. I enjoyed every bit of the rhyme,
    got sad when it ended in a dime,
    though I did not know what a Limmerick is,
    I thought it fell short of its whizz,
    So now I know it is an insanely short rhyme…

    That is my embarrassing attempt… 🙂

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