Spam, or: Not kosher

My 1st Lüshi

His comments are blog posts.
I block them. Access denied!
Also, I have received offers:
Illuminati membership and Ukrainian brides.
Seems commenters should exhibit some -
Self-awareness, modicum of pride.
I'll continue ignoring the rabbi,
Although God knows he's tried.


I won’t rehash the rules for a lüshi, which you can find here:

I will only say – wow… this was not easy. I am sure that it’s significantly more natural to write lüshi poetry in its native Chinese, as intended.

40 thoughts on “Spam, or: Not kosher”

  1. I still don’t “get” the form but I know all about spam and SPAM! My followers hit 500 and all of a sudden I was getting over 50 spam comments a day! It was too crazy for words. I finally found the way to do a mass deletion (it was a very joyful moment) and although they keep coming they go directly to the spam folder so I don’t have to sift! As for SPAM, I do eat it but only the Oven Roasted Turkey variety. (It works well and is less work than having to roast a whole turkey.)

      1. Turning tables on me, David? Ha!
        You are very welcome, and I am doing fine B”H, catching up with work after Yomim Tovim and even working on some new posts.
        I hope you and your family have enjoyed the holidays.

    1. I haven’t found it very difficult to distinguish between legit comments and spam…

      Do you know how to “block” them so that their future comments end up in your “trash” folder?

      1. In in your log’s Settings, go to Jetpack -> Akismet -> Anti-Spam settings, and then select Strict and Save. I think that’s the best you can do.

  2. ohh spams 😂😂 everyone commenting on just one blog post.
    When I clicked on one of the attached links, i went into some chinese/japanese i dont know website.
    Seemed to me the first one so i quickly left it.😂

  3. There seems to be more blog spam lately. And now I get comments that seem real, but when you go to their web sites, it’s either something weird or it doesn’t exist anymore. . .

    There’s actually a Spam Museum in the U.S. A friend of mine visited it while at a Latin convention. 😀

    1. I literally just received this comment on this post:

      Do you know with Bitcoin investment forex trading you can earn $10k to $20k every week. For more info message me on WhatsApp…

      It’s ridiculous.

  4. I revisited Spam a while back, and I’m sorry I did that. As a kid, we would eat about anything that could be fried in a skillet. Not so much today.

        1. Don’t worry, Phil – I live in Israel, and I don’t think they have that here. 😀

          BTW, please feel free to call me ‘David’, which is my real name… My pen name is ‘ben Alexander’ because the word ‘ben’ means ‘son of’ in Hebrew, and I created this blog in memory of my father.

          I know my pen name is confusing – I’m sorry about that!


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