Con, or: Version

A Limerick

I've always been and will remain a Jew.
I've had faith and have doubted too.
Some think Jews should convert;
But, while I mean them no hurt,
To me, their canons ring no less untrue.

62 thoughts on “Con, or: Version”

  1. Isn’t it only Christians that are always trying to save everybody? Conversion is a strange concept. But I know you will always be who you are. (K)

      1. agree ‘some want Jews to convert’ – yikes btw, does that sound like the same bunch who come from the US and make illegal settlements in the occupied territories (whatever you think about that land/issue – it appears some settlements are illegal?) – I don’t know a lot about it, only was in touch many years ago with English Quakers who supported Palestinian in non-violent resistance – there that issue came up.

          1. pure speculation on my part, influences by further speculation: in Nottingham I see ‘alternative’ churches spring up, obviously not short of a bob or two, very evangelical and I suspect, based on vague reading some time ago, that they come from/originate in the US. πŸ€”

  2. This made me smile and then feel sad that anyone would urge conversion – identity and religion are a very personal choice! Oh well, in this world seems nothing is off limits (as my spam folder is revealing to me!!)

    1. Well, in Israel it’s not exactly a non-issue, but it’s much less an issue than in other places in the world. Although – there are missionaries here who pose for years (with their entire families) as ultra-Orthodox rabbis, attempting to convert Jews to Christianity… That’s something that’s been in the news of late.

          1. Canons = Samaritan swine = Geraseen Demoniac, sorry to allude to the words of an unschooled Rabbi but church canons are soul destroying to many.

          2. Sorry David. It is a pun on the story of Jesus’s healing of the gerasene demoniac. He was possessed by Mob,who I equate with Canons. He had been exiled close to Samaritan Swine herders. The demons pleaded to be cast out into the Swine. Who then ran headland off a cliff.

            It is a parable about the kingdom of heaven and its unpredictable nature. I thought of Swine and Canons and mass exodus. Or forced exodus of all the bindings of the church. It is from Mark 5. Here is one explanation:


  3. PS what would you convert to – I can’t quite see you as a Buddhist and I dread to think of you as a Christian (shudder) – Bahai maybe? πŸ˜‰

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