Thank you, or: Special

A Panegyric Poem

Thirty pairs of little eyes searching for you daily,
Every morning, smiling, you welcome them gaily,
Concerned enough to hold heart-to-hearts with each,
Encouraging them, teaching - nothing's out of reach.
Your classroom atmosphere's of kind, loving respect,
Assuring young hearts, learning, yearning to connect.
Their parents, confident in your wise, gentle way,
Take delight in watching them skip off to school each day.

d’Verse Poetics Prompt

Exploring the genre of Panegyric Poetry

At d’Verse, we were encouraged to write a panegyric poem, which is fundamentally a poem of effusive praise. Examples of such poems from different cultures and more information about panegyric poems are available on the d’Verse website.

68 thoughts on “Thank you, or: Special”

  1. Those thirty pairs of eyes eliciting feelings of pride, hope, and, yes, terror. (I used to be a youth sports coach, and oh, I remember that!)

  2. As a retired teacher/administrator who returned my last two years to the classroom with a bunch of 1st graders I took on to 2nd, I especially appreciated this poem. It spoke to my heart ❤️ Beautifully written!

    1. Thanks so much, Jan. Your students were so lucky to have you ❤

      In our case, our teacher will be with the class for two consecutive years – first and second grade… so we're thrilled that she's wonderful.


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