Whack, or: Fly

My 2nd Cywydd Llosgyrnog

Fo' sho' flowin' neva EZ;
But punk kid thinks he da sheezy.
His squeezy gone and told 'im so.
Bitches frontin' - they so bizzled!
Tokin' on blunts stuffed wid wizzle;
Da rizzle's dat dey both hos.

30 thoughts on “Whack, or: Fly”

  1. interesting convo here! i wish i had some slang to give ya!! lol cant think of anything now (also, we have tried to stop saying ho but it was huge a few yrs ago i feel)

    1. yeah – not all of the terms are entirely current… I know that – I had to cherry pick in order to make the rhyme and rhythm of the Welsh poetic form work 😀

      1. true! haha (i just had to defend us! lol) but those are some difficult forms to meld together! i think you got it tho 👍

  2. 😂 aww sooky sooky – you so groovy, man!
    Sounds like 70’s slang.
    Right on, brotha …
    And thing is I think I got the jive.
    Except, the ending— are you calling them horses? Hmmm. More like donkeys, perhaps.
    But I love this. You’re so cool. Thanks for sharing. 💕 👏 😂

    1. ❤ Thanks, Selma ❤

      I'm not sure if you're being serious with your question or not (Keep in mind that this piece is purely fictional)… but it’s meant to be in the language that American rappers would use.

      1. Yes. I understand. It’s a foreign language
        But somehow I understood. Except for horse. Haha.
        No biggie. I don’t need to understand everything. Keep going. You’re amazin’

        1. Ah, so you’re being serious – I wasn’t sure.

          In American rap, ‘ho’ is the word for ‘whore’, but it doesn’t literally mean that. It’s a derogatory term.

          From the Urban Dictionary website, this is the definition, which I would apply to this particular poem of mine:

          (noun): Anyone who dehumanizes themselves by selling their soul to others. The term can be applied to either a man or a woman.

        1. Yup took a look. All new to me. I’ve never ever heard Aussies say I am not here to fornicate arachnids. But we ask know about The Town Bike,enormously Run through.

      1. But the truth is – it’s not really that important to understand this piece… it’s both fictional, and also an experimental piece of poetry… I just wondered if I could adapt Welsh forms to rap-style language. (turns out that I can!) 😉

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