If you’re comfortable with your belief…

Pluralism is no longer simply an asset or a prerequisite for progress and development; it is vital to our existence.

Aga Khan IV (b. 1936)

I thought about the meaning of pluralism in a world where the forces that seek to divide us are strong. I came to one conclusion: We have to save each other. It’s the only way to save ourselves.

Eboo Patel

One of the best ways of showing pluralism in action is for people to do service together, and that has so many benefits.

Eboo Patel

To see the other side, to defend another people, not despite your tradition but because of it, is the heart of pluralism

Eboo Patel

Pluralism matters because life is not worth living without new experiences – new people, new places, new challenges. But discipline matters too; we cannot simply treat life as a psychedelic trip through a series of novel sensations.

Tim Harford (b. 1973)

The secular state is the guarantee of religious pluralism. This apparent paradox, again, is the simplest and most elegant of political truths.

Christopher Hitchens (1949 – 2011)

There should be pluralism – the concept of many religions, many truths. But we must also be careful not to become nihilistic.

Dalai Lama (b. 1935)

In the culture of pluralism… the only thing that cannot be tolerated is a claim to exclusivity.

R. C. Sproul (1939 – 2017)

There is nothing more inimical to writing than the spirit of fundamentalism. Fundamentalism abhors the play of signs, the endlessness of writing. Fundamentalism means nothing more or less than going back to an origin and staying there. It stands for one founding book and, thereafter, no more books.

J. M. Coetzee (b. 1940)

One of the reasons why fundamentalists are so aggressive in trying to promote fundamentalism is because deep down they know it’s arbitrary. If you’re comfortable with your belief you don’t need to convince other people to agree with you.

Moby (b. 1965)

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  1. Lol, I’m doing just that with all my little chores in between
    Distractions that call me to recline and relax thanks David❤

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