‘Poetry Partners’ update

Just over one month ago, I launched a poetry sharing initiative here at the Skeptic’s Kaddish, called ‘Poetry Partners’. Since then, I’ve been grateful to get many poetry submissions, and more continue to come in.

Thus far, at my rate of posting one new Poetry Partner’s poem every Friday, I have had the privilege of sharing and responding to the following Partners:

List of Poetry Partners

Reading through the pieces I have received, a wide range of forms, styles and lengths becomes apparent. Some poets have elected to submit micropoems, of which I am quite fond, having recently completed my own series of 365 for 2021.

Now, I happen to take micropoetry very seriously, as I’ve written, and this has led me to rethink the posting schedule for ‘Poetry Partners’. (Additionally, I confess that I sometimes get a strong itch to respond to potential Poetry Partners, even midweek!)

As such, while I shall continue to share one Poetry Partner’s submission every Friday-Saturday, I may also share a fellow poet’s micropoem earlier in the same week. The second, midweek posting may not become a weekly event; this shall depend upon the number of micropoetry pieces that are submitted to me… But, as ‘Poetry Partners’ is a recent endeavor, I continue working out the logistics as we go along.

As always, I would love to share the works of more poets at the Skeptic’s Kaddish – so please submit your pieces below:

11 thoughts on “‘Poetry Partners’ update”

  1. Okay, I’m very much looking forward to seeing some of the other collaborations. I am patient. Really I am. But I’m also excited that you will be teasing us with some micropoetry….

  2. David, would you believe me if I tell you, I have been itching to submit a poem since the day you shared about poetry partnership!
    I hope to write something worthy to submit soon. ❤️

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