d’Verse on break: Poetry Partners

Poets on vacation?

So, apparently the d’Verse Poets Pub goes on vacation twice annually – both in the summer and in the winter… meaning – there won’t be any poetry prompts until 2022.

Last time, during summer break, I was in the midst of working towards my goal of completing a series of 365 poems for 2021. That was around the time that I’d started to get much more organized with that particular project; I’d decided to dedicate each remaining week to a different form of micropoetry.

My most recent undertaking has been the Poetry Partners initiative, the concept of which is very simple: Anyone can submit a poem to me, and I will post it here at the Skeptic’s Kaddish, along with a personal poem that I’ve written in response. Thus far, I’ve had the privilege of responding to fourteen amazing poets, and I have more poems in the queue.

It’s really win-win. Poets get a bit of exposure at the Skeptic’s Kaddish; I get an interesting poetry challenge (a prompt of sorts) that inspires me to write; and, hopefully, we develop a friendship. Sounds good, right?

Poetry Partners schedule

Now then… what does the d’Verse Poets Pub winter break have to do with our poetry partnerships?

Well, when I first launched Poetry Partners, I had no idea how many submissions I would receive, and I decided to play it safe by only responding to one poem weekly. After a while, I decided that I would attempt to respond to a second poem weekly because I had enough submissions. Since then, I’ve been posting twice a week.

That gave me two poetry “prompts” on top of the three that d’Verse published every week; and, to be honest, poetry prompts get my creative juices flowing… They expand my horizons both technically and in terms of my imagination, which is why I tend to find myself feeling unsettled during these seasonal poetry breaks. There’s something about the interaction of writing to intriguing prompts or in response to other souls’ verses that feels especially vivifying to me…

That’s why I have decided to share and respond to four Poetry Partners guests this week and another four next week. I’m quite excited about this, as I relish the poetic connections that we’ve been forming and art we’ve been creating together.

Please submit a poem!

As I’ve noted above, I have poems in the queue, waiting for me to post along with my responses. However, the number is not infinite; and I would be sad if I were to run out of Poetry Partners one day. That is largely why I’ve been limiting myself to no more than two guest poems per week until now.

This is why doubling the rate of Poetry Partners for the next two weeks poses a bit of a concern for me, which does lead me to feel hesitant, but I am still going to make this extra push for the next two weeks to see how it goes.

For your part, if you would see fit to share verses of yours with me, I would be deeply honored. Every poem that gets submitted will eventually get posted at the Skeptic’s Kaddish, and I will write a personal response to every single one.

Please click here to submit your poem.

Thank you!
David [ben Alexander]

22 thoughts on “d’Verse on break: Poetry Partners”

  1. Ahhh amazing! Now I’ll get a few prompts as well, something to keep me occupied during the holidays 😉 All the poems published in this initiative have been amazing so far! 😀

  2. lol sounds like a plan, I had been wondering if I should submit something during this break … how about you set me a prompt?

    1. Kate – you can send me any poem you’ve ever written – any poem that strikes your fancy, Kate. I would be deeply honored to receive a poem from you, Kate!


          1. ooh I like that idea, good one David … I’m booked out for the next 24 hours but after that I’m onto it … great prompt thanks!

  3. You sound like you are brimming with excitement David and your new Poetry Partners has infused you. I remember last year when taking a break from diverse was tough on you! Have fun and I wondered what exactly happens with these.. I’ve seen a few posted and love it!

    1. It’s super fun for me – and it feel meaningful in a way that writing entirely of my accord and inspired entirely by my own experiences does not…

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