The frigid dungeon laboratory

Sobbing, shoulders heaving, Taison stopped running upon reaching the forest’s edge. Those wretched ghasts were tracking him somehow… They had to be.

But how?
What had the lich done to him?

Calming himself, the cleric struggled to think back through the fog of images to his imprisonment in the frigid dungeon laboratory; what was it that the monster had said when Taison awoke? Something about… a… rune?

Oh, no…
He’d have to find it.

The man began by removing his his shoes and socks and carefully examining every inch of his bare feet.

No… Not there…

Photo by Jonah Reenders

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:

  1. The Sunday Muse #201;
  2. Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #251

41 thoughts on “The frigid dungeon laboratory”

  1. Very cool, shivery beginning and that ending! Just turned my stomach (while I was desperately trying NOT to imagine where it was).

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