Weak stuff, or: The greatest poets

A limerick

The greatest poets can make do without prose,
for they vast worlds in flowing poems compose.
Whereas I'm of weak stuff;
these threadbare lines ain't enough
to draw truths from my depths; and it shows...

Let’s write poetry together!

When it comes to partnership, some humans can make their lives alone – it’s possible. But creatively, it’s more like painting: you can’t just use the same colours in every painting. It’s just not an option. You can’t take the same photograph every time and live with art forms with no differences.

Ben Harper (b. 1969)

Would you like to create poetry with me and have a completed poem of yours featured here at the Skeptic’s Kaddish? I am very excited to have launched the ‘Poetry Partners’ initiative and am looking forward to meeting and creating with you… Check it out!

32 thoughts on “Weak stuff, or: The greatest poets”

  1. You have talent. You know many types of poetry. I always like to read your poems. You have worked with most poets, what more could you want to become a great poet? David โค๏ธ

  2. Me thinks you’re leaning more towards the “greatest poets” realm than “the weak stuff” David as you churn out enough poems for a lifetime in the space of a month. Your prose is pretty spectacular too, I might add!

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