Up towards the vortex

d’Verse prosery

Even as the King’s mages work desperately to repair my charred eyes, I cannot help but clutch my fists apprehensively, for how can I be sure I shall see again?

The world on the first of May was peaceful, no different than the last of April, really, although the skies seemed just a touch darker than the day before. I was out running across the Rocklands after morning melee training when a skeletal, crooked tree with bare branches caught my attention. I’d never seen it there before.

Fool that I am, I approached its broken frame as fel shadows roared up from its misshapen limbs and shot upwards, blanketing the morning sky in heavy, unnatural darkness and hypnotic, madly swirling stars. Squinting, I stared up towards the vortex in curiosity and gasped as I realized my blunder.

T’was then that all went dark.


d’Verse prosery is flash fiction with a beginning, a middle and an end, in any genre of the author’s choice, no longer than 144 words. This very short piece of prose must include an assigned line from a poem, within the 144 word limit. Writers may change the punctuation of the assigned line, but they may not insert words within the quotation.

The assigned quotation was:

For how can I be sure
I shall see again
The world on the first of May

–From ‘May Day’ by Sara Teasdale (1884 – 1933)

‘What do you see’ Prompt #133

For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offered the photo below (taken by Tasos Mansour) as inspiration for writers to produce art.

Image: Tasos Mansour
@ Unsplash

60 thoughts on “Up towards the vortex”

  1. This is another of those mini-page-turners that I wish would be fleshed-out into a longer work. Just enough to whet our appetites, then…darkness…! I love this. Well done, David. 🙂

    1. Dwight’s comment made me see your flash fiction piece in a different context. Now I see the importance of the word, blunder. Thanks, Dwight. My mind gravitates toward the mystical vs. war and explosives.

    1. ❤ Merril ❤ ~ thanks for the prompt!

      BTW – I accidentally posted this twice on Mr. Linky (once under another person's user name!) – could you delete the first entry, which is not under my user name?

      1. The melee and the fel shadows did it for me
        First time I read Sara’s quote but I can relate to it so much happens on that day in modern times, all around the world.
        Still you sprung us a big surprise with your encounter with the tree in the image.
        Reflecting on modern times, an attack from the skies.

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