The inglorious, concealed bunker

The people’s outcry at Robison’s murder had been unexpected. Who’d known that the damned gadfly had been so beloved?! Weren’t talk show hosts merely a dime a dozen? Lord Greer frowned as he recalled his nighttime flight to the inglorious, concealed bunker, deep in the forest.

He had been in hiding for weeks.

Suddenly, Greer’s head snapped upwards, as an explosion rocked the underground compound.

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:

32 thoughts on “The inglorious, concealed bunker”

  1. I love how you described Robison in one word, GADFLY. It made me smile and for the outcry of those who adored and hung onto his words.

    Did Lord Greer die?

          1. I gather so!!
            Great storytelling
            No insights then
            And I love the suspense 😍 😄

            Not always though😊

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