Declining steadily

More than a year had passed since the stroke, and granny’s health continued declining steadily. The trend in the nurses’ reports was crystal clear to the whole family.

“Don’t worry, my dears,” granny teased weakly. “I’ll always be with you, zipping around with my angel wings!”

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:

46 thoughts on “Declining steadily”

  1. I cannot stop smiling … my mother still flits about ~~ a yellow butterfly, she visits me daily as weather and sunshine permit.

  2. Knowing the anticipation of her on angel wings still about the house is such a reassurance of wanting to retain the connection with loved ones! Great flash fiction David!


    1. ❤ Thanks, LaShelle ❤ ~ this particular bit of flash fiction is just that: fiction… but it was written in memory of a poet-friend who passed away very recently.


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