The barkeep removed his spectacles

A ‘Drabble’

“Who’s the kid, Julius?”

“That’s Aldo, Boss. He worked for Marcus ’til his joint got shot up. His cocktails are the best around.”

“That so? Hey, kid – what’s your specialty?”

Bashfully, the little barkeep adjusted his spectacles. “Well, Sir, I’ve been working on something…”

“Ok, Albert. Why doncha make me one? Maybe I’ll letcha stay.”

“Yes, Sir!” Trembling, Aldo mixed and poured the beverage.

As the liquid slid down his throat, Boss Rossi grinned. “Astounding, Albert! Whaddaya call it?”

The barkeep removed his spectacles and stared into his eyes. “Sunset in a cup, Sir.”

Suddenly, Boss Rossi lurched forward, retching.

Twiglets #288

sunset in a cup

Eugi’s weekly prompt


46 thoughts on “The barkeep removed his spectacles”

  1. Poignant
    Affecting my familiarity
    Knowledge of quantities
    Affecting knowledge of quality

    “Sunset in a Cup Sir”
    The storyline makes current reality and historical sense to me.

    You nailed it David
    Brilliantly employing your wistful and melancholic satire

      1. You welcome David.❤
        Could be that I took I understood it too deeply, after reading some light and cheerful comments 😂.
        All the same, that was the initial feeling.
        But i love the whimsical responses here.

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