The Paris flight

Merle’s muscles loosened, as the notes of Delibe’s “Flower Duet” wafted into the bathroom. Lakmé was her favorite opera.

The Paris flight would be leaving now; and Merle wouldn’t see Luca again for at least another week. Her unfaithful husband’s “extended business trips” regularly dragged on for undefined stretches; their most recent bitter disagreement of many would have to wait… as usual.

The woman sighed soberly, resting her head back against the porcelain bathtub. Luca was paying her mother’s medical bills and younger sister’s university tuition… She abhorred him, but divorce wasn’t a feasible alternative.

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:

34 thoughts on “The Paris flight”

  1. It is a problem many women face…financial insecurity. You have stated it so powerfully…She stays because she must.

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