Green grass dance floor, or: Springtime

Poetry Partners #127

‘The spring time dance’, a poem by Sarah Cope of ‘My Endometriosis Story’

The winter solstice has passed, so the spring dance can begin at last,
and everyone is invited, from every tree as far as the eye can see.
To each and every flourishing flower, the buzzing bees and singing birdies.
Over the coming months everyone’s waking up, deep sleeps are a thing of the past
the green grass dancefloor has finally opened at long last.
The fairies have bloomed into their golden princess dresses,
They’ve finally become daring dancing dandelions and ladies tresses.
Greeted by the Dante daisies and the tulips as they tap dance and prance,
They are the first guests of many who will be attending the spring dance.
To twirl, swirl, glide, slide to sway the spring away at the infamous green grass dancefloor.
The butterflies flutter, dancing among the swaying dewdrops a sight to adore.
It’s summertime delight the sun is a disco ball in the sky,
it’s ray’s the stages spotlight complementing the sparkle of the firefly.
The VIPS of the night are ready to sprout up stars of the springtime dance.
They only make an appearance but once a year, to attend the dance
The daffodil delicately and dutifully arrives, just ahead of the spring dancer’s highlights.
Then the sunflower the true king of spring stalks tall with heads big bold and bright,
basking in the sun’s spotlight, they tower above all, beautifully they are simply the best,
greeting all the guests as they wake from there slumbering rest.
It’s time to let the annual springtime dance commence.
The colours are so vivid; the sounds so sweet; the aroma a fragrant floral incense
In which nothing else can compete.
On the lush green grass dancefloor wildflowers of all types, and kind begin to thrive.
The ants aim for the surface to watch the grasshopper’s lively jive.
The Beatles brazen colours shimmer green and blue, the springs strobe lights.
The swans simply glide on the lake alongside, playing eye spy through the towering, tall reeds.
Buttercups sporadically spread breaking up the greens.
Herons hiding in wait to see the glistening of scales,
he hopes and he’s praying his catch never fails.
Fish flip creating mesmerising whirlpools on the water’s surface.
Frogs, newts, and tadpoles are too nervous, so they attend just under the surface.
Ducks sound like there having a quack attack as they simply chitter chat.
Who knows the topic of the gossip, probably a bit of this and that,
Their dance is more of a glide, to allow for chitter chatter, so up down around and back
they slide, and on occasion they duck their heads down to dive.
Their arch nemesis the geese, glare as they arrive occasionally exchanging a honk or a hiss.
But if ducks dare to come to near then it’ll be a nip certainly not a kiss.
Blue bells blush upon the green grass dancefloor, as the clouds disperse and the blue skies open up, for the sun to shine once more
Blackbirds sing high up in the trees their feathers dancing in the breeze.
The spring dance truly shows the beauty of nature’s world
How lucky we are to enjoy the wonders of this dreamy world

A ‘Laurette’ poem by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’

Vivid colors;
Floral fragrance;
Springtime twirl-swirls so sweet;
Daffodils; Sun-
flowers; Tulips...
On grass dance floor compete!

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Ben Harper (b. 1969)

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14 thoughts on “Green grass dance floor, or: Springtime”

  1. Sarah does the internal rhyme so very effectively. Her poem is a stark contrast to your Laurette where it conveys the same but with a paucity of syllables! I hope you enjoyed this form – it seems right up your alley!

  2. Awwww! Lovely guest poem and lovely summary poem. And just in time for spring in the Southern Hemisphere. 🎉🎶🧚🌸💓

  3. Lovely poems! Especially loved this line “To twirl, swirl, glide, slide to sway the spring away at the infamous green grass dancefloor.” Such pretty imagery! ✨

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