Superimposed over the forest

Clamping her mouth tightly, Shabina massaged her twisted ankle; the elders had warned she’d get into a pickle. Countless numbers had aspired to recover the precious shamanic mask, only to have disappearedโ€ฆ like cousin Shabu.

Suddenly, in a flash of red and yellow, Shabu appeared shimmering above her, as though magically superimposed over the forest canvas.

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:

31 thoughts on “Superimposed over the forest”

  1. And then what happens?!? Iโ€™m already theorizing about the new visions that are going to come from a new mask that was required by the changes that resulted in the old mask being lost.

  2. What a stunning and unconventional image you chose for the prompt, superimposed
    I hope Shabina gets out of this pickle and recover the mask. A twisted ankle in this situation is devastating.
    Love the artist and the writer at work here.
    A refreshing indirect collaboration.

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