How much posting is too much?

In my experience

I’m going to posit a couple of points about increasing a blog’s readership numbers:

  1. It is important to blog consistently. In other words, if you want to increase your readership, you should regularly be producing content.
  2. The less subscribers one has, the less one should focus on creating blog content. In other words, for new bloggers concerned with gaining readership, it is worth spending significant time interacting with other bloggers on their blogs, rather than producing lots of content for their own blogs.
    • As one’s readership grows, increasing numbers of people will comment on their blog, and this, in and of itself, well draw additional readers to interact with their blog.

Obviously, these points are only relevant for people who are concerned with gaining readers.

How often I post

Nowadays, I tend to post two or three times daily.

In part, my work and parenting schedule doesn’t allow me to create quality content any more often than that, which is primarily why I’ve settled into this routine. However, this also came about because more than one year ago, I spent a couple months posting five or six times a day, and I noticed my readership numbers taking a dip.

How often others post

Regardless of my own posting schedule, I have noticed that some of my favorite bloggers publish content twice as often as I do – and this has led me to wonder how this affects their readership numbers. Do they get more comments, likes, and subscribes as a result of posting five or six times a day? Or do they get less interactions per blog post?

Varied content?

In thinking about this, I am fairly certain that diversifying one’s content makes posting quite often more appealing to potential readers. You see, back when I was posting five or six times daily, I was only posting poems… So, perhaps my readers felt that my constant posting was too tedious?

After all, WordPress (or any blogging platform, really) is not designed to be used like Twitter or Facebook – I’m certain that readers would get annoyed if a blogger posted dozens of times a day, as one would quite readily and naturally do on Twitter.

Crowdsourcing: What’s your take?

I’m putting all of this out there because I’d love to know what you guys think –

Do you care how often other bloggers post? If so, does it matter what kind of content they are producing? Or the range of subjects they write on?

113 thoughts on “How much posting is too much?”

  1. People will always look out for your work if they enjoy reading your work and love your blogger personality
    For me it is as simple as that.

    1. I feel that there’s probably a limit to that. There must be, no? If your entire friends feed on WP was full of my posts, and it was difficult to scroll through all of them to find other bloggers’ posts, wouldn’t you be annoyed?

      1. You know I’ve seen some lonely blogs, and quite interesting too and nobody has communicated with the blogger forever, which then makes me also hesistant to say something. As a reader one also has to overcome that self-imposed stumbling blog and just respond even if it is a year letter. People out there have written some lovely stuff.
        But it is also nice to gather and have coffee there where the reading crowd come together, like on your blog as an example. The aroma is lovely and always something new here that one can pick up.
        I hardly visit the feed. I go by notification and yes it is clogged up. People send out stuff sometimes six times a day, during my nights as well. I receive them in my email.
        I don’t read everything. I do honour them by looking at the title. The weird part is that many don’t gave a comment section, only a like button and so one can see that they have a huge following.
        So annoyed is too deep, I just pass by. I’ve visited some blogs, commented and don’t receive a response, and after a while I don’t comment anymore, just read and move along.
        Although you right, I should use the feeder more and look out for interesting blogs.
        I look for new stuff when I have time on my hands.
        You’ve offered links of bloggers, which I’ve visited and just can’t get a handle on it. Some blogs were cumbersome to navigate.

  2. I can’t imagine posting so many times a day. Sometimes if I post two days in a row I feel I’ve overdone it. But I post mainly about things I want to remember or are in some way significant to me or my family. I love it when I get new readers, but I’m not really bothered about the number. I’m not trying to sell anything or to influence anyone. I love it when people comment and feel I’ve made some interesting friends in the stratosphere. I look forward to their posts – sometimes two or three times a day, sometimes once a month. If something comes up that I don’t feel like reading straightaway then I don’t. I have periods when I will read thirty or forty posts from one writer. That way you feel you get to know them. About liking: I always like if I’ve read something. I see it as a form of acknowledgement, not necessarily approval. I like it when people like my writing. Then I know they’ve read it. I have great problems persuading my real like friends, who say they read me, to let me know in this way that they do! The only reliable ones are my children who have even been known to criticise!!

    1. 💓 Basia 💓 ~ I completely agree with you about likes. I think of them as a minimal acknowledgement. We all like to feel seen by others. Are your children on WordPress?

  3. 2 to 3 times a day sounds about right to me David. 👍😁 Anymore puts people off and reduces numbers of people visiting your blog. Yes, it’s very important to visit other folks blogs and interact with them, it has helped me enormously! 😁😊

  4. Too much, too little – I think posting regularly and also constructive interaction increases one’s exposure. There was a time when I used to post a story a day, but don’t have time for that now. I think a post a day is great depending upon the length and the content. Blogging is a tricky proposition. Follow your heart and schedule, David. 🙂

    1. ❤ Terveen ❤ ~ I think we definitely have to follow our hearts inasmuch as we have to be happy blogging or it won't be sustainable for us. That's for sure!

      1. Both. And I’m doing art, or trying to. I often don’t even think about responding to prompts because I know I won’t have time to read the other responses. I’m not sure if everything just takes me longer now, or if there are other things I need to do that take up more space. I know that it’s hard enough just to read what people I follow post each day. Let alone write something of my own.

  5. David thank you for the tip. I usually have the time to post 4 to 5 times a week due to work and family obligations. The number of people following anyone’s blog is a testament to their work. Sometimes chasing the numbers can over shadow a person’s passion for their art. I am still learning about Word Press and I am very grateful for those who have given me advice navigating the self publishing world. Being a part of Word Press I love the mutual support from other bloggers and the diversity that is being shared.

    1. ❤ Mary Anne ❤ ~ I completely agree with you about chasing numbers being in tension with art – I imagine this is a tension that most artists feel, regardless of the medium…

      BTW, speaking of mutual support among WP community members, I put together some tips for new WP bloggers a while back – you may find some of these useful:

  6. I post anywhere from two to five times a day. It depends upon what else is going on in my life and what inspires me to write. I have found that traffic to my blog generally is lower on days when I post only twice in a day, but I’m okay with that, as I’ve gotten to the point where being proud of what I post is more important than how many views my blog gets in a day.

    1. Yeah – the pride thing is a sticker for me – even if I had the time to most more often, I wouldn’t do it if I couldn’t post content that I’m proud of. Now that you mention it, that’s actually a higher priority for me than gaining readers or making connection with other bloggers.


  7. I think over-posting results in over-saturation, and this can lead readers to becoming turned-off towards any blogger who posts too many times daily. (Of course, this is coming from someone who hasn’t posted anything new in two months due to writer’s block.) A balance is needed so readers can look forward to quality content without being overwhelmed by an avalanche of daily posts. I’ve had to unsubscribe to several bloggers I initially liked due to my inbox becoming swamped by their posts. I lost the desire to read them. Posting too infrequently has the same effect–you lose readers, but for the opposite reason: lack of content. So, balance is the key. I’d love to post daily (heck, I’d love to post ANYTHING right now), but I’m just not one of those people who is able to churn out content that frequently. Your content is always top-quality, David, and I enjoy seeing it appear in my inbox. 🙂

  8. As a newbie, I learned a lot from this post.
    I try to post couple of times a week. As I can’t write unless it comes from my heart. But I read and comment daily though.

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