How much posting is too much?

In my experience

I’m going to posit a couple of points about increasing a blog’s readership numbers:

  1. It is important to blog consistently. In other words, if you want to increase your readership, you should regularly be producing content.
  2. The less subscribers one has, the less one should focus on creating blog content. In other words, for new bloggers concerned with gaining readership, it is worth spending significant time interacting with other bloggers on their blogs, rather than producing lots of content for their own blogs.
    • As one’s readership grows, increasing numbers of people will comment on their blog, and this, in and of itself, well draw additional readers to interact with their blog.

Obviously, these points are only relevant for people who are concerned with gaining readers.

How often I post

Nowadays, I tend to post two or three times daily.

In part, my work and parenting schedule doesn’t allow me to create quality content any more often than that, which is primarily why I’ve settled into this routine. However, this also came about because more than one year ago, I spent a couple months posting five or six times a day, and I noticed my readership numbers taking a dip.

How often others post

Regardless of my own posting schedule, I have noticed that some of my favorite bloggers publish content twice as often as I do – and this has led me to wonder how this affects their readership numbers. Do they get more comments, likes, and subscribes as a result of posting five or six times a day? Or do they get less interactions per blog post?

Varied content?

In thinking about this, I am fairly certain that diversifying one’s content makes posting quite often more appealing to potential readers. You see, back when I was posting five or six times daily, I was only posting poems… So, perhaps my readers felt that my constant posting was too tedious?

After all, WordPress (or any blogging platform, really) is not designed to be used like Twitter or Facebook – I’m certain that readers would get annoyed if a blogger posted dozens of times a day, as one would quite readily and naturally do on Twitter.

Crowdsourcing: What’s your take?

I’m putting all of this out there because I’d love to know what you guys think –

Do you care how often other bloggers post? If so, does it matter what kind of content they are producing? Or the range of subjects they write on?

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