Autumn’s fire burns slowly…

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus (1913 โ€“ 1960)

Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.

William Allingham (1824 โ€“ 1889)

Autumn arrives in early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day.

Elizabeth Bowen (1899 โ€“ 1973)

There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!

Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 โ€“ 1822)

A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long.

Edward Estlin Cummings (1894 โ€“ 1962)

Autumn wins you best by this its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay.

Robert Browning (1812 โ€“ 1889)

No man can taste the fruits of autumn while he is delighting his scent with the flowers of spring.

Samuel Johnson (1709 โ€“ 1784)

Shuddering under the autumn stars, each year, the head sinks lower and lower.

George Trakl (1887 โ€“ 1914)

Unless a tree has borne blossoms in spring, you will vainly look for fruit on it in autumn.

Walter Scott (1771 โ€“ 1832)

Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night.

Hal Borland (1900 โ€“ 1978)

39 thoughts on “Autumn’s fire burns slowly…”

  1. I love Hal Borland’s works – his book, “High Wide and Lonesome’ that chronicles his family’s time of homesteading in Colorado took place about 70 miles northeast of me – So much of what he described I knew about and yet other things, had been, by the time I read his work, long disappeared from the ‘conventional history’ taught of this area/time –

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