REBLOG: Paula Light & Suzette Benjamin

‘New Poetry Form’ by Paula Light

Today I would like to introduce
A new poetry form for your moose:
Not a sonnet haiku villanelleโ€”
I think you will enjoy it quite well.
The lines should number twenty-four;
Word count is ninety-seven, no more!
Syllables are whatever you wish,
Except line eleven, which has only six.
The theme shall be your favorite word,
And you must parrot with some type of bird,*
Along with a color, a sport, and a beerโ€”
I do hope this is perfectly clear.
Itโ€™s not really too terribly hard,
Though I request you compose it in a car.
Also, the last word of each lovely line
Should together form a sentence sublime,
And the sentence must be from a recipe
Your great-grandmother made out of ghee.
I call this form Calvin-Verse;
If you dislike it Iโ€™ll invent something worse.
So I look forward to reading your post,
Which you must link to my butterfly host,
And one more thing โ€” lines seven and ten
Should rhyme with insanity โ€” the end!

*Get it? Pair it?


โ€˜Light Motifs IIโ€™

‘The Blues’ by Suzette Benjamin

Written in response to Paula Light’s ‘New Poetry Form’

Western seagulls hang-glide blue skies.
Nearby, blue-tailed magpies
tilt their beaks 
squinting, plotting,
sizing up, 
my azure steed's hooves (my car tires),
eyeing the morsels 
tucked in the tires' grooves.
While, apartment dwellers in skyscrapers
'sing the blues.'โ€”
about trotting hooves 
making beelines
for personal earlobe real estate.
Here's a prime example:
Mondays' eve, come mid-Winter
when HDTVs become ramparts 
blasting sound volleys, 
down-the-hall turrets;
pelting Hockey Night in Canada 
play by play tooting horns
to the occasional goal, while
commercials toast with the popular staple:
beer or ale, Molson Canadian -
Labatts Blue, Cheers eh!


โ€˜Suzette B’s Blogโ€™

22 thoughts on “REBLOG: Paula Light & Suzette Benjamin”

  1. It didnt even sink in that Suzettes โ€˜The Bluesโ€™ was a response to Paula Lights Calvin.
    I loved that verse, and this is timeous since the world cup opens today, and beer will only be sold at one place, am I right?

  2. They’re both brilliant Paula and Suzette, yours in a crazy off the cuff; instinctive sort of way Paula and yours Suzette in an equally instinctive and clever type of way! Bravo!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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