REBLOG: ‘Crown Shadorma’ by Sylvia Cognac


On the side
She explains their rules
Formal dress
Ladies first
Put down checks in front of men
Never fraternize

Six a.m.
I smile at Adam
Fake a grin
My boss says
Iโ€™m lucky to serve rich men
I should be grateful

Iโ€™m grateful
For Mister Burton
He holds me
By the hand
Excessive gratuity
Slips in my pockets

Iโ€™m thankful
For my coworker
Tying strings
Round my waist
To help secure my apron
While I wash my hands

Glad I met
Mister Jacobson
Tips me well
Just to talk
Try hard not to fall in love
Because heโ€™s married

After brunch
We box up desserts
Petit fours
Not supposed to sample but
We canโ€™t help ourselves

On the side
I smile at Adam
He holds me
Round my waist
Try hard not to fall in love
We canโ€™t help ourselves


Sylvia Cognac

23 thoughts on “REBLOG: ‘Crown Shadorma’ by Sylvia Cognac”

  1. This is adorably fun Sylvia! I love it and great job on the form. This is too funny as my daughter is an 8th grade science teacher. When she is not teaching, sheโ€™s bartending a couple nights a week. (teachers need to supplement their income). PLUS, it pays well and this is all so true. Watching her in action is surreal and itโ€™s just as you describes it. Sometimes my blood boils, sometimes i giggle. The tips she gets are enormous. Last night she was on a โ€œproper dateโ€ with an โ€˜Adamโ€. They meant on hinge but when they started talking he said, โ€˜โ€ you know who this is right?โ€ Turns out they went to grammar and high school together. I canโ€™t wait to hear all. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

  2. So the form is called crown shadorma because of the extra six-line stanza?

    Wow, a mesmerizing stroll into the world of gastronomie.
    With the image catapulting us into that world
    Each stanza gives one a clear picture of the daily run of the mill
    Capturing the essence and spice of the day with their unique shades and nuances .
    To remain evenly tempered through the course of the day is pure loveliness – the romances are lovely to read.

      1. Oh !! Oh that is beautiful
        I did not pick it up in the final stanza
        Pure loveliness the way she threaded those lines in the end.

          1. Haha, oh really
            Jealousy makes you affectionately nasty ๐Ÿ˜Š
            You couldn’t help but go out and canvas her creativity and mastery. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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