Turning 120

As some of my WP-friends have noted, my birthday was last week; I turned 43-years-old. 👴🏼

Anyway, I’m not much into celebrating my birthday, but I consider it important to do so for my daughter’s sake; and we decided to go out for a late brunch on Friday to a local café that specializes in waffles.

It was my wife who suggested the following lovely idea to me: why not invite our 77-year-old friend who shares my birthday to join us for brunch? The idea appealed to me immediately. And, then, after I contacted our friend, I realized: together, the two of us were turning 120-years-old!

Now… 120, other than just generally being a nice, round number, has significance in Jewish tradition. When someone has a birthday, Jews often say to them, “May you live until 120!” So, as Jews, we both got a kick out of our turning a combined 120-years-old this year.

Having our friend join us at the café really made the experience much more enjoyable for me. While I don’t enjoy celebrating my own birthday, I do enjoy celebrating other people’s birthdays; and our friend was clearly having a good time with us. (Our daughter even decided to draw her a birthday picture.)

And- by coincidence, my daughter and wife had baked cookies the night before for my daughter’s class, and they had lots of cookies left over. For me, they were a bit too heavy on the chocolate, but, as it happens, my date-twin loves chocolate. So, she happily took some freshly baked cookies home with her, which made us all even happier.

None of this, to my mind, was do-gooding; we genuinely enjoy our older friend’s company, and we all had a lovely time celebrating this shared birthday with her. But, for me, for sure, last week’s little birthday celebration brunch was much, much more enjoyable than just going out to mark the occasion of my birthday alone.

Sharing a birthday with a friend is a lot of fun!

112 thoughts on “Turning 120”

      1. oh dear, I dont know what happened there. I used to share my namesday with a very elderly friend of my mother’s who invited himself to my party one year. he was so thrilled to be spending his birthday with young people that he then was invited every year until he died. It was lovely. I share my birthday with only two people I know, so we often spend them together too.

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