REBLOG: ‘Another Hit’ by Ken Hume


Itโ€™s another hit
But not of the musical kind
Leaves a woman
Scared out of their wits,
quivering in fear
Wishing she could rewind
(Instead of dancing on the floor)
Holding back the tears
With a black eye & a swollen lip
What excuse will she give this time?
โ€œI walked into the door
or I trippedโ€.
โ€œWhere were you?โ€
โ€œWho were you with?โ€
He roars!
Or snidely remarks.
This type
Any type.
Of violence
And control
It doesnโ€™t sit
well with me.
Just begets silence
Very little sympathy
And thatโ€™s the problem you see
Domestic abuse is so endemic
As to become normalised
Sheโ€™s traumatised
And so is he!
(Itโ€™s all hideous)
Though heโ€™s ashamed to admit
That he gets hit
So he stays silent
And grits
It out.
But we need to stamp it out
Raise a shout!
And not quietly sit
On the fence
Of deliberate indifference
Pretending that it
Doesnโ€™t happen
Because it does
And it is.
As we speak
To people we deem
Tough as teak
On the verge
Of defeat
As they retreat
Into themselves
A shell of their
Former selves.
Taking another hit
While we scroll
And sift
Insta photos
And Facebook posts
While the ones
We love the most
Are literally
Getting knocked
From pillar to post
Itโ€™s another hit
But not of the musical kind
And Iโ€™m left wondering
Why canโ€™t we be more kind?


Ken Hume

30 thoughts on “REBLOG: ‘Another Hit’ by Ken Hume”

  1. This is tragic. Yes, itโ€™s difficult to explain and also difficult to show if itโ€™s mental abuse. The trauma leaves its mark. Well written in every way!

  2. Wow guys, thanks very much for ye’re feedback on this! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ It’s a difficult and troubling subject but one which needs to be addressed and stopped.

  3. ๐Ÿ’”, one can’t even begin to fathom the nervous condition of the under 3 year olds in these abusive domestic realities, just a build up of trauma at their nerve endings.
    Still, there are many barriers that stand in the way of a woman leaving an abusive relationship.

      1. Unbearable …
        Our lives are filled with deplorable, sad and in many instances irreparable damage and harm.
        Still we remain in denial.

  4. It’s a hit everyday
    Streaming through our airwaves
    Women, men and children fear for their lives.
    And so they grow older; a quarter (25%) of children in high-risk domestic abuse households are under 3 years old.
    Everyday a hit streaming through the airwaves.

  5. I agree that this topic needs more exposure – shining a light into dark places exposes the evil and perhaps motivates others to step in to aid and protect…. A powerful poem!

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