6,000 – Thank You!

A nice, round number

I’m happy to share with you that The Skeptic’s Kaddish has reached 6,000 followers! And- I certainly wouldn’t have gotten here if it hadn’t been for all of the wonderful friends I’ve made around the world in these last 2½ years; my many poetry partners; and those of you who participate in my weekly W3 prompt! Thank you!

Some reflections

Just a few minutes ago, I reread what I wrote upon reaching 5,000 followers, which includes my explanation of why we bloggers should take our subscriber numbers with a healthy pinch of salt, and I still stand by those assertions. Sure, 6,000 may seem impressive, but it’s mostly a just a nice round number that gives me an excuse to celebrate the existence of my blog, which has become such a central part of my life.

In my experience, gaining subscribers is more about networking and interacting with other bloggers than it is about the quality of one’s content. Now, don’t get me wrong: quality does matter… But I’ve come across more than a few blogs with high subscriber counts that have left me scratching my head, trying to understand the appeal of their content. There are plenty of blogs full of fluffy content written to draw lots of people’s eyeballs; and, frankly, that works.

On the flip side, I’ve also seen blogs with fewer subscribers than mine, which consistently get more ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on their blog posts than I do here at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Honestly, I don’t know how those bloggers do it, but I give them tremendous credit. To my mind, such regular, personal interactions on blog posts are the truest indicators of a blog’s vibrancy. Subscribing to a blog is effortless: merely a matter of pushing a button once – it’s not an indication of substantive interest.

My new initiative: Poetry REBLOGS

To mark this milestone, I have decided to start publishing weekly ‘Poetry REBLOGS’ of poems I’ve especially enjoyed. (Of course, this is something that I only do with permission!)

It actually feels a bit silly to call ‘Poetry REBLOGS’ an “initiative” because it’s practically effortless and benefits The Skeptic’s Kaddish itself to publish more high quality content.

Nevertheless, I am excited about this idea because it allows me to show some special appreciation to my fellow poets by showcasing their beautiful works. In fact, I was so excited by this idea of sharing other creators’ beautiful poems that I started posting ‘Poetry REBLOGS’ on Sundays over a month ago! I simply couldn’t hold myself back 😃

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the gorgeous poems that I will be sharing!

68 thoughts on “6,000 – Thank You!”

  1. You Rock David! Congratulations. It is a nice round number for sure! Happy for you.
    O sp agree! 💗
    “To my mind, such regular, personal interactions on blog posts are the truest indicators of a blog’s vibrancy”

  2. Congrats! I am half way to 800 and I’m very happy. I generally have about 150 views but only 20 comments… and I’m totally good with that as it keeps the spammers away!

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