REBLOG: ‘Rooted in Love’ by Cindy Georgakas


Rooted in love,
Grounded in substance,
of the matrix of our heart
that maps us from country to country,
continent to continent,
home to home,
cell to cell.

When we sift through
the hatred, greed,
immaterial and political divide
that should be banned,
colors collide.

Wonโ€™t you stand with me and ban all racism,
all segregation,
all judgment
and be the light of the world?

I wish you peace, so
You might sleep.
Enough food that your belly is satisfied,
presence of mind,
that you might think before you act,
instinct, to ward off danger,

Love so you may remember together,
we are one
and always hope,
so we unite and wake up
to always do right,
Rooted In Love.


Cindy Georgakas

34 thoughts on “REBLOG: ‘Rooted in Love’ by Cindy Georgakas”

  1. “Good Morning” David… I’m touched you picked this piece and shared it and honored and blessed by everyone’s kind hearted comments. Thank you truly for bringing a smile to my face!

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