A real experienced broad

The private eye nodded knowingly.

“Yep, Mildred’s a real experienced broad, pal. Real, real sharp. Always ahead of whatever’s new in the game. Back when all the rest of the girls were getting into a tizzy about the advent of instant messaging services, she saw their potential clear as dayโ€ฆ She’s always understood the fundamentalsโ€ฆ the tenets of business, see?”

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:

19 thoughts on “A real experienced broad”

  1. Lol, ritsy, very rich
    I don’t know when last I read an extract from a private investigator series with the mention of the word broad to describe the character of a female.
    Interesting image to depict the broad, and unusual too.
    Running a glamorous agency?

    Just asking.

    Excellent fusion of the prompts.

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