Word of the year: Creativity

Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity.

T. S. Eliot (1888 โ€“ 1965)

I have been writing poetry with my friend Sangeetha (of Mindfills) for nearly two years now, and we’ve completed three series of poems together:

  1. Ripples ~ a hyakuin (a 100 verse renga)
  2. Form verses creativity ~ one poetic form for every letter of the Latin alphabet (52 poems)
  3. Creativity verses form ~ one poetic form and theme for every letter of the Latin alphabet (52 poems)

After all of this, which began unexpectedly for both of us in 2020, we have embarked upon a new poetic journey, which goes beyond anything we’ve done or encountered before. Our new poetic project is series of 52 poems (two for every letter of the alphabet) that are written in entirely new nonce forms that we are creating ourselves. Thus far, we’re up to the letter ‘H’, and our ‘I’ poems will be coming out soon.

This challenge has been bringing me great pleasure of late, especially when it’s my turn to create a new nonce poetic form (Sangeetha and I alternate from letter to letter). Really, I’ve never done anything like this before; and I feel as though I’m pushing my creativity to its limits in an exhilarating way.

In this context, T. S. Eliot’s pithy quote above is one that I quite relate to; but, reflecting further, I would add that every creation of a new nonce form brings me a sense of deeply calming satisfaction. If I’m being totally honest, those creative highs even feel a bit addictive!

Wednesday Quotes prompt

This was written in response to yesterday’s Wednesday Quotes prompt by Marsha Ingrao. She encourages us to reflect on last year. Instead of thinking about what went wrong, think about what went right last year and build on strength as you consider resolutions and inspiring words for this year. Then, select a guiding “Word of the Year” and an appropriate quote.

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