REBLOG: ‘Butterflies in the Night’ by Jeff Flesch


I sit on the front porch
the moon, and the train
down the tracks

I can feel it, the anxiety
the streets, and this sensation

missing a beat

Kinda like when you see a star
in the sky

you relate to it

it’s a mirror image of you, and you know why

Life is like this at times
full of whispers of insight

We simply need to remain open

the butterflies in the night


Jeff Flesch

25 thoughts on “REBLOG: ‘Butterflies in the Night’ by Jeff Flesch”

  1. Beautiful
    Trust Jeff to describe and bring us the wonder and sensations and the sounds through the image of a butterfly of the night.
    The stunning nocturnal moth !

    Love the stirrings in this poem.

  2. Beautiful my friend and these two lines say it all for me:
    “Life is like this at times
    full of whispers of insight”
    Openness is the key…and your butterflies in the night( LOVE this image!) might appear when you least expect it. A wonderful poem of real-time wisdom.

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