To pique someone’s interest

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.

Margaret Heffernan (b. 1955)

This week, for Marsha Ingrao’s Wednesday Quotes prompt, she asks what we do to pique the potential reader’s interest in our blogs. Marsha mentions that some bloggers spend time redesigning their blogs’ appearances to draw attention, and I confess that this is not something I’m especially concerned with as a blogger.

I would say, first and foremost, that when I reflect upon possible new strategies for piquing a potentially new reader’s interest in The Skeptic’s Kaddish, my mind immediately goes to how I might increase my interactions with others. It was in this spirit that I launched my ‘Poetry Partners’ initiative as an invitation to create poetry with me, as well as the bottom-up W3 Poetry Prompt, which aims to build a small community of poetry writers who actively interact with and raise each other up.

Even my most recent initiative to share other poets’ works (reblogging) was launched to increase interactions between readers and writers at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Increasing exposure for other writers’ poetry is good for everyone, including for myself.

In fact, even before I had any of these ideas, it was clear to me that having meaningful interactions with other bloggers on their posts was the most effective way of building relationships with them and increasing exposure for my blog… And this is something that anyone can do, regardless of how long they have been blogging, something that remains pivotal to the success of even the most popular blogs.

Beyond this, I would add that content is important, of course. Obviously, right?

  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule: It’s less important to post often than it is to post consistently if you want to grow your readership numbers. In fact, posting too often is likely to turn a lot of readers off – better to post quality content regularly than lots of poor-to-average content often.
  • Create content for yourself: If you’re blogging about something that you’re not into, simply because you want to attract potential readers, you’re likely to find yourself running out of steam in short order. I really love writing poetry, and that’s what keeps me going every single day, as I create and publish new content.
  • Don’t write too many long blog posts: Keep in mind that today’s readers are unlikely to read many long blog posts, simply because they’re reading so many blogs. I’m not saying you should never write a long post; I’m saying you should not do so too often. Be realistic about how much time people will spend to read your content.
  • Develop your writing skills and repertoire: Quality matters, and blogging consistently is the perfect opportunity to hone one’s writing skills. I can tell that my writing comes more fluidly and easily to me today than it did when I first launched The Skeptic’s Kaddish at WordPress. I work on my language and poetry skills as a matter of personal pride.

43 thoughts on “To pique someone’s interest”

  1. I loved that first quote. I also loved your thoughts and tips. I am more of a hobby blogger and started my blog as a creative outlet and way to journal life. I have loved the various people I’ve found through the different link parties and of course am always excited when people comment. Perhaps that’s why I always try to get around to commenting on everyone’s posts who take the time to participate. Now if I can get the time to go and read more of everyones posts…Lol.

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