Un ange hypnotique

“Oui, I know it’s a documentary, Mathéo, but why does the dialogue have to be so stodgy? Everything about this script c’est tout simplement horrible… and pour l’amour de Dieu – these visuals are a blur! C’est atroce!

“Joëlle, vite! Mon Dieu! Go tell that cameraman to get a take of Mr. Pradeau without those pigeons flying an inch away from his face. The man literally glows with beatitude – why can’t we capture that?

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care… mais c’est pour le Festival de Cannes! C’est notre grande chance, imbéciles! Il faut faire de Pierre Pradeau un ange hypnotique!”

Photo of Pierre Pradeau

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:

39 thoughts on “Un ange hypnotique”

    1. I only learned about Pierre because of Carrie’s prompt, but apparently he was quite the Notre Dame celebrity – lots of tourists used to take photographs of him until he passed away in 2009 😦

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