REBLOG: ‘Dyslexia’ by Molly Shea


Little girl lost in a crowded classroom
Trying to make sense of words on a page
Frustrated beyond patience, she starts to fume
Nothing makes sense when she looks at the words
She tosses her pencil in a childish rage
The punishment and embarrassment make her quiet
She doesn’t demand, and she doesn’t pretend
The other kids think she stupid
But she knows the truth
There is no way to argue and defend
She is trapped in the illusion of youth
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on a library shelf
It opened up the world of words like restless birds

I guess I could write about that

Like notes sung by a little bird
Letter upon letter
Word upon word
Line upon line 
Stanza upon stanza
This poem is for me to create and define


Molly Shea

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