Until she learns to sew

dโ€™Verse prosery

My plush, I’m told, is beautiful; and I suppose I’m glad it seems soโ€ฆ certainly for my child’s sake. I taught myself the blind stitch specifically to prevent her from seeing the despair that binds these sundry cottony sheets. Everything I do is stitched with its color, but the threads are all cleverly hidden under the folds.

Engineer that I am, I even went so far as to design a specialized sewing machine for myself, equipped with a specialty presser foot. I was never much for sewing, you see, and my fingers were growing increasingly unsteady. Besides, for years I’d been noticing that my older seams were coming undoneโ€ฆ And it was taking up all my energy to repair them.

Of course, these old sheets are bound to come apart eventually, butโ€ฆ I hope to keep my baby warm until she learns to sew.


dโ€™Verse prosery is flash fiction with a beginning, a middle and an end, in any genre of the authorโ€™s choice, no longer than 144 words. This very short piece of prose must include an assigned line from a poem, within the 144 word limit. Writers may change the punctuation of the assigned line, but they may not insert words within the quotation.

The assigned quotation was:

Everything I do is stitched with its color.

W. S. Merwin (1927 โ€“ 2019), ‘Separation’

47 thoughts on “Until she learns to sew”

  1. My grandmother was a seamstress and a knitter, and although she taught me to do both, I no longer have a sewing machine and prefer to knit now. I felt the โ€˜despair that binds these sundry cottony sheetsโ€™, David, and the love of the child.

      1. All sorts of things. At the moment Iโ€™m knitting a jumper for my grandson, but Iโ€™ve also knitted blankets, hats, mittens, baby bootees, scarves and adult apparel. When I lived in Cologne many years ago I designed and knitted jumpers, jackets and skirts.

      1. For the family and people out of her neighborhood. It spreads like wildfire. She is even fixing things for people she never saw before.

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