Wasted days(?)

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

e. e. cummings (1894 – 1962)

One of the greatest highlights of my childhood was playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D). This and a few other role-playing games (RPGs) were the primary unifying factor among my closest circle of friends.

So, perhaps that’s why I found this clip from the TV show “Community” so hilarious when I stumbled upon it on YouTube:

I’m not certain why YouTube recommended this particular video to me. I don’t watch clips about AD&D, and I don’t search on Google or YouTube for RPG-related content. That chapter of my life ended long, long ago. Also, I’d never heard of “Community” because we don’t watch TV or own a television.

Still, it would seem that the gamer remains within me because the above video clip had me laughing uncontrollably for a while in a way that I hadn’t laughed for a long, long time. Actually, the last time I remember laughing so hard was when I watched a routine by comedian Sebastian Maniscalco several years ago.

Honestly, I’m not much of a laugher. I mean, sure, I laugh now and again; and I can be very silly; but I’m generally too restrained to laugh uncontrollably. That’s why I remember it when I do.

Also, now that I think about it, I almost never seek out funny entertainment content. The movies I search for and watch are mostly dramas, thrillers, and action flicks. Again… it’s not that I refuse to comedy movies; I’m not opposed to them, per se… But, well…

Even the funny limericks that I write don’t make me laugh. I love writing them and knowing that they’ll make others laugh, but for me the pleasure of writing them lies in the unique cerebral challenge of writing quality, humorous limericks. Now, to be fair, successful comedians work hard on their stand-up routines, right? Their goal is to make others laugh, rather than themselves.

But when did I last watch a movie or read a book that made me laugh? I have no recollection… It must have been years ago. This subject isn’t even something I would be reflecting on or writing about if it weren’t for Marsha Ingrao’s most recent WQ prompt – to share a quote about laughter and a reflection to accompany it.

In my final analysis, as much as I truly appreciate the quote from e. e. cummings above, he surely would have considered most of my days wasted.

51 thoughts on “Wasted days(?)”

  1. My husband always says “I laugh on the inside”. I don’t..I love to laugh and wish I did it more often. Even if something doesn’t make me laugh out loud, I do try to fill my life with things that make me smile or chuckle. Loved your thoughts.

    1. Yeah, that makes sense – but I watched the first few episodes of the of the first season after watching this clip (and finding about the ‘Community’ TV show), and the humor of the show is not aimed at gamers – it’s comedy for the general population 🙂

    1. How I wish, I can roll with such a fluid tongue like her.
      Over the festive season I watched so many old seasons of Friends and Big Bang it was very entertaining.
      Comedy is an absolute art. Even when weak, even for that one can laugh.

        1. I’m fighting with my mail, everything arrives late.
          But you are talented in this respect too.
          All writers are
          Directors find the fit to make your comedies come alive.

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