REBLOG: โ€˜Seize the dayโ€™ by Britta Benson


seize the day, 
if you please,
and forgive my concerns
regarding your eager search for purpose. 
I need a minimum of eight hours sleep!
Am not available, at 4am.

I admire your rigour.
And then, I roll over.
I have a dream waiting for me.

So, yes,
seize the day,
if you please,
and forgive my lie-ins,
my slow coach approach
to life and love.

My body and soul,
not a workout regime,
nor a catch as you can,
more of a kind coalition,
discussing, deliberating,
over a nice cup of tea.

Iโ€™ll seize the day,
when Iโ€™m ready,
when it wants to be seized.

go ahead.
Iโ€™ll catch up with you later.


Britta Benson

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