Above the foaming clouds

Albadawi picked at his food, not reacting to Baba’s saturnine work story. To his left, Jada entertained his baby sister with boring folklore.

Turning inwards, the youngster filtered out the family’s endless chatter, imagining himself soaring freely above the foaming clouds, mounted atop a massive flying fish.

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:

31 thoughts on “Above the foaming clouds”

  1. “Boring Folklore” made me laugh aloud. For some reason, a thing being old and traditional is supposed to imbue it with weight and importance, but sometimes such things are still boring and a child is honest enough to go with that!


  2. Another lovely piece, David. If you don’t mind, I ask you the favor of looking at the piece I’ve written today. It’s another poem on beauty, using the “nonet” form, this time. I only ask, because I admire your opinion. Thank you, brother, and thanks for sharing your poetry as well!

  3. Fascinating, I love the name Jada no matter which way you pronunce it, as in Jay or Ja.
    And the Bedoiuns dream running away from the laments of the day is a wonderful contrast you painted there to weave in the prompt, wiith the mythological creature, flying fish.

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