REBLOG: โ€˜Faithโ€™ by Sangeetha S.


Faith defies.
The lie,
Open, unconcealed,
Glaring, baring all;
a smooth attack,
In fact, smirking,
So what?
If you canโ€™t
Take it, donโ€™t rant
Take it cool
There are no rules
Girlโ€ฆGrow up
Grow one
Itโ€™s just fun
I smile. For the while
it takes for me to break,
seek the deceit in silence.
Do I dig? Do I bury the lie?
Do I bury the I?
I, with closed eyes,
never asked for whys
I realise,
I want to take it all back,
I crack.
Heart racing. Untrusting.
Undoubtedly beat.
Heat, burns, rush down my shoulders,
boulders push down my chest.
My lungs are pressed,
suppressed emotions quelled
Well, I fell.
My shame I canโ€™t name
glares, dares, me to say a word.
Deterred, dejected, rejected
I cower
I resent. My dissent
They canโ€™t consent
I die. This lie
swathed in good faith,
is still a lie. I die.
Inside. My battle unpicked.
Congealed wounds I lick.
Unhealed I wear my shoes.
Blisters, my sisters,
I know, you know,
I can still walk with.


Sangeetha S.

41 thoughts on “REBLOG: โ€˜Faithโ€™ by Sangeetha S.”

  1. Excruciating
    The lie
    Extremely difficult writing
    And to read
    I feel daring to touch the wound
    The lie

    I’m truly blown away that you could sweat all of this
    Turning the drops into ink

  2. Dear Dear Davidโ€ฆyouโ€™re the sweetest! Iโ€™m honoured and feel blessed to have you as my friend ๐Ÿค—

  3. Sangeetha’s talent is boundless and her poetry is truly on another level. Always a delight to read her work. Thanks for sharing this with us, David. ๐Ÿ™‚

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