REBLOG: ‘Battle’ by Grace Y. Estevez–Reddy


I wish that I could shield your pain,
absolve your loss and provide gain,
protect you from the hard cold rain,
assure that joy runs through your veins.

I wish my love could be your shield,
erase all ugly acts revealed,
improve the misfortunes you feel,
hug your dreams tight till they are real.

So sorry this world is a mess,
filled with sad loss and harsh distress,
your eyes are clear but carry stress,
the more you push, the more they press.

So sorry you feel insecure,
and that the future seems unsure,
with many struggles to endure,
your spirit still shines bright and pure.

Hold on to hope never let go,
so that your strength expands and grows,
a peaceful breeze will gently blow,
assuring blessings overflow.

Hold on to faith and live in truth,
let each new day enhance and soothe,
all bumpy roads will become smooth,
your journey will be what you choose.


Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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